Picture of LUMI at the beach


The first smart gait trainer - power chair hybrid

Core Features

Smart Walk™ icon

Smart Walk™

When you want to walk, the device moves with you. Hands-free. Easy.

Adjustable weight support icon

Adjustable Weight Support

Need more support? Reduce how much weight you feel in your legs. Great for physical therapy. Great for when you’re tired.

Sit-to-Stand icon


Feeling tired? Switch from standing in a gait trainer to sitting in a power chair without getting out of the device using a built-in deployable seat.

Flush design icon

Flush Design

Cook or paint without LUMI in your way. LUMI can face any surface without any obstruction so that you can do what you love.

Operational Modes

Smart Walk™

Embedded infrared sensors detect when you take a step to move the device forward with you at your pace, hands-free.


A mode that gives you smooth control of the device similar to how you would control a powerchair. Intuitive and familiar.

Cruise Control

Cruise control lets you set a desired speed and go. Practice your gait, hands-free, at your pace!

Device Specifications

Picture of LUMI's wheels

Drive System

  • 300lb capacity
  • 2mph max speed
  • Outdoor capabilities
Picture of LUMI's user interface

User Interface

  • 2.2" RGB LCD screen
  • Industry Grade Hall-Effect Joystick
  • LED Buttons
Picture of LUMI's electronics enclosure


  • ARM-based microcontroller
  • Dual Battery Management System
  • Automatic Safety Checks
  • 8 hour battery life provided by a 36V battery
  • 2 hour full recharge time