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If you're interesting in donating, please keep reading to learn more about how your donation is being used to help everyone walk empowered.

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Why do we accept donations?

Your contributions help our company progress towards a future where enabling technology is the standard. Since the beginning, the development of LUMI was only made possible by contributions from supporters like you! LegTrek was initially founded to help Lumi, a 7th grade girl with cerebral palsy, walk independently for the first time. Lumi envisioned a future where people were uninhibited by their conditions. Help us achieve Lumi's vision of the future sooner.

How does your donation help us?

All of your donations go towards helping us build and test our products. These contributions go a long way to help ensure we have all the materials and resources needed to bring our product to market so everyone can walk empowered.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the impacts of your donations.